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loving me…
November 10, 2010, 12:36 am
Filed under: love, self love, self reflection
This week there are 2 performances that i am participating in.

One at Gala Theater on Wednesday night

(Walk with Me Art Happening: )

and the other is on Saturday afternoon

(An Afternoon with Four Women: ).

As i perform out in the community, i also need to make sure that i am creating space for self care. This week’s poem is a reminder…

how to love a black woman © 2008 by margaux delotte-bennett

do you know how to love a black woman?

how to make her feel in control

with her hands behind her back

strong though all her lips are quivering

how to let her know that it is always her choice

to need you or not

feed you or not

concede to you being right


can you look into her eyes and be honest

even when it’s scary

allow her to weave you back together

when you’re already on the mend?

submit to her from above?

do you know how to love a black woman?

how to shower her with praise

just short of sounding obsessive

how to free her as you grip her tightly

around her face



waist or thighs

do you know how she sounds

when she’s angry, tired or sad

because you stayed by her side

while giving her room to vent, sit or simply be…

holding and honoring the space she’s in

without rushing out, over, or through the emotions

did you know that you needed to know how to love a black woman

because truly loving her, is like loving no one else…


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