Black & Kinky Amongst Brown Waves

on a business trip…
October 27, 2010, 11:58 pm
Filed under: DC life, self reflection, women

it’s wednesday and i almost forgot to post the poem of the week because i am actually at a conference in atlanta. i just realized that it was wednesday and the publishing schedule that i am trying to keep passed me by.

this is only my second time in atlanta (been in the airport TOO many times) and i have had the chance to walk the streets a bit and see folks…living. There is a hunger amongst the homeless here that inspired me to post this poem.

change to spare (c) 2010 by margaux delotte-bennett

50 cents
every day she asks me for 50 cents
and every day i deny her request
’cause i know she’s already got the coins
from him
or him
or her.

i know that what she is really asking for
is help with dulling the pain
a chance to possibly feel ok
an opportunity to really only need 50 cents
to make it through today.

but i can’t fit all that in my wallet
and even i need all that in my life
but neither of us has the time
or the desire to share the little that we do know
that might limit the other’s strife
the time to break down and explain all this


so i just slowly shake my head
and she just nods me on my way
and i wish i had some change to spare
to help us change
our yesterdays and today.


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